The perfect drink for Pride Month 2020 – Gayle

Pride events around the world may be cancelled this year, but that hasn’t stopped the LGBTQ+ community from celebrating Pride month.

There have been home and garden Pride parties all over the world, with LGBTQ+ people and allies dancing around to the new Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga tune (which is an absolute banger), covered head to toe in rainbows and glitter, sipping a cold drink and just living our best lives.

My drink of choice for Pride Month HAS to be Gayle (Gay Ale), I mean, is there anything more on brand for pride than this? And best of all, it’s actually delicious.

I’m not a huge beer and ale drinker, I don’t like anything too bitter, but this ale is smooth and slightly fruity, a winning combination for a summer drink. Gayle will be releasing their Gayle Cloudy Apple Cider in Europe very soon, as a cider lover I am VERY excited for this.

‘Gayle’s life started in Australia with four members of our inter-generational rainbow family discussing the inequalities and the hardships that our LGBTQ+ community has had to endure over the years. A beverage company that is by the community for the community and will continue to spread it’s message to every rainbow part of the world.’

I’m a big advocate of supporting small, independent businesses, especially when that business focuses on the LGBTQ+ community. You may have already seen Gayle make an appearance at your local pride last year, I’m sure it won’t be long until we see these fabulous Gayle rainbow cans all over the country.

Gayle’s motto is fantastic and I wanted to share it: Gayle stands for the belief that we can unite communities through something so quintessentially Australian as sharing a few drinks with mates. With this in mind, we created our own unique handcraft beer and cider, brewed with love, to not only celebrate unity and the LGBTQ+ community but also a reason to enjoy with friends and family.

Here are some helpful links follow and support Gayle:
Gayle (UK/EU) Website
Gayle Instagram
Gayle Facebook

Happy Pride!


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