Simple Swaps for Sustainable Living

Over the past couple of years I’ve been trying to make conscious choices with my lifestyle, and buying habits, that are better for the environment, in a bid to live more sustainably. Now I’m no expert and I’ve still got a lot to learn on my journey towards living more environmentally friendly, but this is something I’ve become very passionate about and I feel a sense of responsibility to do my bit for the planet.

There are so many easy swaps that can be done to help reduce plastic waste and your carbon footprint, and in turn help reduce the effects of climate change. Sometimes these swaps can cost a little more, but you’ll often find products lasting you longer and save you money in the long run.

So here are some simple swaps I’ve made, that I am absolutely loving:

Around The House

  • When utensils need replacing, buy bamboo over plastic
  • Reusing sandwich bags
  • When grocery shopping, buying loose fruit & veg where possible
  • Washing our laundry at 30 degrees
  • Switching off the plug on anything not being used e.g kettle, chargers, microwave etc
  • Using bamboo straws for drinks
  • Buying biodegradable products where possible, including tea bags
  • Switch to eco friendly, recycled toilet and kitchen paper
  • When grocery shopping, taking reusable (preferably non plastic) bags
  • Buying vegan journals & notebooks made from recycled paper
  • Start shopping at your local plastic free grocery stores, take your own containers with you and top up on loose items such as pasta, rice etc.
  • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

Beauty, Hair and Skincare

I’ve made many swaps with my shower and skin care routine, that I have found extremely beneficial. I’m using more natural products, less chemicals and my hair/ skin is grease free and my breakouts are finally clearing up.

  • Swap to bars instead of plastic bottles for shampoo, conditioner and body/shower wash.
  • In stead of using face wash bottles, change to cleanser bars or Lush cleanser pots*.
  • Only buy plastic products from companies that have an in-store recycling policy.
  • Purchase make up from companies can that recycle/reuse the containers/pots/tubes once empty.
  • Simple Biodegradable wipes are a great alternative to standard facial wipes.
  • Use Bamboo eco-friendly hairbrushes
  • Go old school and start using a bar of soap over hand wash bottles.

* Any plastic bought from Lush, whether that’s cleanser in plastic pots, or bottle tops, I save up all the empty plastic and take them back in-store to be cleaned and reused. Lush haven’t produced new pots on years.

There are still many items that I am planning to swap over the coming months, most of which are household and cleaning, which include:

  • Switch to eco, plastic free tablets for the washing machine
  • Compostable washing up sponges, made from plants and plastic free
  • Swap a washing up scourer to a coconut shell scrub pad.
  • Stop buying plastic bottles of kitchen/bathroom/surface cleaner and start using glass bottles with refills made with plastic free packaging.
  • Get some reusable beeswax wraps to stop the use of sandwich bags.
  • Start using washable cosmetic pads for nails, face, toner etc
  • Use compostable bin liners
  • Purchase washable period pants
  • Bamboo toothbrushes
  • Do more local or handmade shopping, rather than the big retailers

The biggest lifestyle changes my wife and I have made, to do our bit for this planet, is change our diets to vegetarian (you can read that story Here), we also have been car sharing, instead of each owning a car for almost 3 years, which has made a big difference for our carbon footprint and our finances.

It might seem that making these small changes has no real impact, but I truly believe that a persons actions can lead to a domino effect and before you realise it, you’ve inspired people around you to do the same.

Here are links to companies I have been using to make my swaps:
Lush UK For Hair & Skincare
EcoVibe For Household Items & Cleaning Products
Sunshine Bindery For Notebooks/Journals & Paper Goods
Almond & Co For Local (Bournemouth) Grocery Shopping


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  1. Justine owen
    May 9, 2020 / 8:11 am

    Well done, this is commendable. Our planet is our home and needs some care and attention.

    I believe you’re right regards the domino effect….

    I always try looking on gum tree for what I want first including Xmas party dress, than buying brand new – trying to lessen the need for production in the first place.

    I have had the same plastic soap dispenser for a year and use a refill.

    I’ve stopped showering everyday to lessen water and product usage.

    I’ve had 2 hybrid cars, 1 I had for about 5 years, although not currently.

    I try to use brown paper for present wrapping and enjoy making my own home made presents now.

    I’m doing lots of slow cooker dinners and reusing takeaway tubs to store them in the freezer. They make for far tastier ready meals than buying more from the shop.

    I even cut my own hair. Not sure what the green saving is here – maybe the journey.

    I love thay you’re passionate about helping the environment and spreading the word……

    You are also passionate about making every penny count which bowls me over what you can save. Your granny (my mum) loves hearing these stories as shes so proud at how industrious you are with it – as am I.

    I think you ought to collect data and post what financial savings you make in 3 months, 6 months but also how you got to where you are with previous big savings on massive life events. I think you’ll have lots and lots of great tips and I’m sure it’ll be an eye opener x

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