Disney Cruise Line: Environmental Thoughts

It’s no secret that cruising isn’t the most environmentally friendly way to see the world. In fact, it’s one of the worst, polluting the sea and air.

Like most, I’ve spent the last few years trying to be more eco-friendly, switching off unused lights/plugs and recycling. However over this past year, I’ve turned it up a notch, making a conscious decision to change my lifestyle and habits, as I try to do my bit to reduce my carbon footprint and look after the planet.

Then it dawned on me, I booked to go on a 3 night mini cruise for our honeymoon. Something I booked over a year ago and I’m so excited to go on my first cruise, but now do I feel a bit guilty? Cruising is so bad!

I suddenly fall into this Google rabbit hole of looking at how awful the likes of Carnival and P&O are for the environment and how over the years, despite the widespread media coverage and push for people and business’ to be more environmentally friendly, these companies don’t seem to have made many changes in a bid to improve.

Luckily, we’re not just going on any old cruise, we are going on Disney Cruise, on a gorgeous Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Dream.

You can always count on with Disney, as a company they are 10 steps ahead of most other business’ in the world, often setting the bar extremely high with their incredible inventions or imagineering.

Friends of the Earth (FOE) have been releasing a report card since 2009, ranking the top cruise liners by their environmental impact, including factors like sewage treatment, air pollution reduction and water quality compliance. The reports are broken down and graded from A+ to F.

Since 2012, Disney Cruise Line as been in the number one position and made news recently for being the only Cruise Line to get an overall score of A in both 2016 & 2019 (reports were not produced in 2017 & 2018).

As a comparison, in 2019 cruise lines including P&O, Carnival, MSC, Cunard, Princess, Holland America, Seabourn, Costa and Crystal got an overall rating of F. A pretty shocking comparison in my opinion.

So yes, booking a Disney cruise is significantly more expensive than it’s competitors, however I truly believe that what’s included, the on board experience, guest treatment and the lengths Disney Cruise Line are going to be the most environmentally friendly cruise ship in the world, is worth every penny.

Before I stop waffling on about how great the Disney Cruise Line, I’m going to list 5 of my favourite things that make this cruise liner the best and most eco-friendly in the world:

  1. At the top spot, the fireworks! As the only major cruise liner in the world to be allowed to release fireworks off the ship, Disney Cruise Line have specially created fireworks made out of biodegradable materials, which can be safely eaten by the fish.
  2. 100% of the cooking oil used in the ships kitchens are reused!
    More than 1,000 gallons of cooking oil are offloaded and recycled in ports of call around the world, including Vancouver, Miami and Port Canaveral. Disney Cruise Line also has a partnership with Bahamas Waste Management, on the island of Nassau, the cooking oil is converted into bio-diesel fuel, to power a fleet of local vehicles.
  3. At Disney’s private island in The Bahamas Castaway Cay, the only people to live on the island are Disney employees. All of their homes are fitted with and use solar panels. Most of the island remains undeveloped and kept in a preserved state.
  4. Condensation from the on-board air conditioning units is recycled to provide fresh water for the laundry facilities and for the cleaning of the outside of the ship, saving more than 30 million gallons of fresh water each year.
  5. Disney Cruise Line made history as the first cruise line to utilize an innovative hull coating on its ships that is both 100 percent non-toxic to the marine environment and effective in increasing fuel efficiency by reducing surface resistance in open water. As well as this DCL has also improved it’s water production. The excess heat from power generators is used to run evaporators, which combined with other shipboard initiatives, transform approximately 142,000 gallons of seawater into potable water on board each of our ships every day.

A few other great points to note, the Disney Cruise Line ships are now plastic waste free. Cutting plastic straws, cutlery, shopping bags etc. In an effort to reduce the use of plastic bottles, refillable waters stations have been installed and all guest staterooms now have refillable bath product dispensers, instead of plastic bottles.

As well as the plastic reduction, Disney Cruise Line have a number of wildlife conversations from the Disney Conservation Fund, Coral Reef Restoration, Sea Turtle Protection, Avoidance of Marine Life and many more, in a bid to protect the animals and sea life often effected by cruising.

These facts and figures have come from the Disney Cruise Line website, Disney Cruise Line Blog, Disney Parks Moms Panel & the Disney Cruise Line Environmental report 2019.


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