Amelie On Stage at Bournemouth Pavilion

What better way to enjoy a gloomy Monday then a night at the theater. It’s the perfect date night, a reason to get a little dressed up, change your usual surroundings and before you know it, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in a world of drama, music and dance.

So when I was very kindly offered tickets for Steph and I to see the world famous Amelie perform on stage at the Bournemouth Pavilion, on it’s first night in Bournemouth, I jumped at the opportunity.

This is the UK’s first adaptation of the much loved five time Oscar nominated film, Amelie, a film I watched as a kid in a French lesson but haven’t seen in many, many years. Luckily the performance was predominantly in English, however the actors had impeccable French accents, especially Amelie who stayed perfectly in character throughout the show.

Amelie is the story of an incredible woman who lives quietly in the world, but loudly in her mind. She decided to change the lives of those around her for the better, with anonymous acts of kindness. Unfortunately this is something she struggles to do for herself and her own happiness.

Audrey Brisson, who plays the leading role of Amelie, captures and embodies her perfectly, as a unique, shy, curious and quirky character, Audrey is memorizing to watch, her accent and language was so convincing as Amelie and her singing voice is incredible. It’s quite unusual to see the leading character on stage have such a timid personality, yet still be able to grab and hold your attention.

Amelie’s love interest Nino, played by Danny Mac was phenomenal, his voice really blew me away, he has a sound and tone that I really adore in male singers. It was nice to see a typical boy meets girl story line, take a different path, it made the show feel less predictable.

I went in thinking I would enjoy the show, but it completely blew me and my expectations away. There were so many elements about this show that made it so out of the ordinary and unique, with many unexpected comedic moments. The cast really make the show, with a cast of just 16 actors, everyone on stage has such an energy and presence. It was really impressive to see so many brilliant actors who could not only act well, but sing, dance, move around the stage and play an instrument. They were all captivating to watch, with every single person on stage having such a vital part to the show.

If I’m to give an honest review, I would say the first half is much slower than the second act, but equally good. The first half builds up the story, giving you an insight into the characters lives, it also takes you through Amelie’s childhood. Young Amelie is portrayed with a puppet, which is really impressive to watch, the puppeteer did such a good job of conveying her movements and emotions.

What made the show for me, was the music. As someone who loves live music, I was blown away with the musicians, the songs, the instruments. Many of the songs had a folk sound to it, with acoustic guitars, violins and a cajon drum, it was just incredible to watch and hear.

Without giving anything else away, all I can say is, go see this show. It really will surprise you, it’s weird, funny, different, sweet and just a bit magical. I will say, look out for Elton John and the figs!

A big thank you for BH Live for providing me with tickets to this wonderful show. Amelie is on at the Bournemouth Pavilion until Saturday 17th July, as part of the UK tour. You can still purchase your tickets through BH Live.

I was provided with complimentary tickets however all words are my own. Images have kindly been provided by BH Live.


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