A-Z Of Me – 26 Facts About Me

I’m a sucker for the get to know me blogs. Maybe I’m just nosy but I really enjoy getting to know people more in depth. As I recently turned 26, here are 26 things that summarize who I am!

A- Autumn, it’s my favourite season.

B- Bournemouth, my current hometown.

C- Cider, tipple of choice.

D- Disney, fanatic/enthusiast/nerd.

E- Elf, my favourite mystical creature and what I think I was in a past life.

F- Festivals, nothing beats live music, and roughing it in a tent.

G- Gay, and proud, I adore the gay community.

H- Harry Potter, a proud self proclaimed Ravenclaw and HP fan.

I- Ice cream. Is there anything better? (Bubblegum ice cream is the best)

J- Joy, the most important thing for me in life, is to be joyful and happy. You can’t put a price tag on that.

K- Kitten, I own a 5 month old Kitten called Maui, he runs the house.

L- Lush, my addiction has lasted many, many years.

M- Marvel, I almost love Marvel as much as a love Disney.

N- Neverland, sometimes where I think I belong, I will never grow up (at least not mentally)

O- Oliver & Company, one of the greatest and most underrated Disney films.

P- Pizza & Pasta, my all time favourite foods – GIVE ME ALL THE CARBS.

Q- Queens, I love a fabulous, flamboyant Drag Queen & Ru Paul is everything.

R- Rain, I just love the smell of rain.

S- Steph, she is my everything.

T- Tats & Tunnels, I’m secretly still emo.

U- Unique, I’d rather be unique and maybe a little weird then be considered ‘normal’

V- Vegetarian, as of 2019, I’ve made the conscious decision to go Vegetarian.

W- Wedding, my life currently revolves around planning our March Wedding, 7 months to go.

X- Xmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Y- You Me At Six, all time fave band.

Z- Zoo, a day at the zoo is the best kind of day, particularly Marwell Zoo.

Do we have anything in common? Let me know!



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  1. August 8, 2019 / 10:06 am

    Turning vegetarian and getting married in March too! Also went to Bournemouth uni… it’s a great town 🙂

    Have to disagree with you on bubble gum ice cream though! It’s chocolate or cookie dough all the way

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