Wedding Wednesday: Under A Year To Go

Hello there, it’s been a while.

It’s safe to say I’ve been a busy bee lately, it’s felt like a manic couple of months at home for a number of reasons, wedding planning being one of them. So it seemed fitting to create a second installment of Wedding Wednesday, and update you on what’s been going on. It’s finally less than a year to go, 318 days to be precise. We’ve suddenly gone from ‘we’ve got ages to go’ to ‘this year is going to fly by’.

We have made some VERY exciting wedding developments. Firstly, we have both bought our wedding dresses eeeeee! It didn’t go exactly how I imagined… different, better – it’s a weird experience, I’ll explain.

At the end of January I went to Brighton for the day with one one of our bridesmaids, who is also engaged, whilst there we decided to go ‘wedding dress window shopping’ in Wed2B, now I hadn’t planned on going dress shopping until April time, but it seemed a shame to stand around and not get stuck in.

Unsurprisingly I liked a lot of the dresses, but there was one on a mannequin in the window that I fell in love with, unfortunately they didn’t have my size in stock so I couldn’t try it on, they did however have my size in the Southampton store, but the staff advised me to get there quick as it was the last one. So the next day Mum and I were outside the store bright and early, waiting for the doors to open so I can try this dress on.

Seeing myself in a wedding dress was a really bizarre experience. I’ve been imagining my wedding for as long as I can remember, but seeing it on me was very weird, in all honestly I think I looked really odd. It’s not everyday you wear something that is so extra.

I did say yes to the dress, however it wasn’t the dress I originally thought I wanted. I ended up purchasing one of the dresses I saw in Brighton, that kept playing on my mind and I just felt amazing in it.
People kept telling me ‘you’ll walk out with something totally different’ and it’s so true. Now I just have to wait months until alterations can start and I can get back in the dress.

We’ve booked all of our suppliers, bought our wedding rings, chosen our first dance song, bought ties for the men in our bridal party, booked the registrar and put a deposit down for a gigantic house in Bournemouth for our wedding party to stay at the night before and night of our wedding, as our venue doesn’t have accommodation. Which is where Steph and I will be getting ready the morning of the wedding.

Steph also finished creating the save the dates, which we are now very slowly handing, we are attempting to hand deliver all of them, because stamps are expensive and we have a lot to give out (saving the pennies where we can). Here’s an example of some of the Disney Fast Pass save the dates Steph made:

We also had a brilliant ‘bridesmaid’s day’ last month, we met our girls in Southampton for a trying on day, after seeing a nice dress in one of the stores. We weren’t really intending to buy them yet, just try on and get an idea of what everyone liked, but the girls ended up picking the same dress, the colour is perfect for our scheme, the dresses were a good price and they all looked lovely in them, so they are bought and paid for and that’s another thing to tick off the list.

I’m extremely excited to say we have finally booked and secured our two part honeymoon, or should I say Disneymoon. It’s going to be the trip of a lifetime and I can’t wait to tell you all about it, I’ll be doing a blog post solely on this in the next couple of weeks as there is a lot to talk about.

We’re feeling really good about what we’ve done so far, this process has felt smooth and fairly stress free, that’s most likely down to the amount of time we’ve had to plan this wedding. Last week was 3 years since our engagement, and it’ll be just short of 4 years by the time we’re married. As much as we’ve hated waiting for so long, we have had time to plan, find deals, change our minds, and just enjoy this process. We only plan to do this once, so we’re going to enjoy every second of it.

Stay tuned for the Disneymoon blog coming very soon, along with wedding Wednesday part three in the next few months, and check out Wedding Wednesday part one, if you missed it: Wedding Wednesday Part One


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