An Evening At Lush Bournemouth

Last Sunday evening I attended an event with the Bournemouth Bloggers at one of my favourite stores in Dorset, Lush Bournemouth. I would consider myself as a self proclaimed Lushie, and have been using Lush products for many, many years, so this was my favourite kind of event!

I’ve posted a handful of Lush related posts on my blog, including the previous blogger event back in October, which you can read here: Lush Bournemouth Event 2018

As we arrived at the store the staff had just finished displaying some brand new products from the Mother’s Day and Easter range. There were also many products still out on display from the Valentine’s Day range for us to check out.

We were welcomed with cheerful staff and handed a ‘pot’ of prosecco – poured out into the medium size black pots, normally used for Lush’s lotions and creams, which we were able to take home with us. Once you’ve collected 5 empty pots, take them into any Lush store and trade them in for a free face mask. Lush haven’t made any new plastic since 2012 due to the brilliant recycling scheme.

There was a brief run through of the event, we were introduced to all of the fab staff, who informed us of the fun activities going on throughout the store. The staff created an Instagram just for us – Lush Bournemouth Bloggers Event, with the password into the account so we can fill the page and Instagram stories with wonderful content. It was announced that at the end of the event they would be choosing 3 of their favourite photos posted, to receive RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness) – the ethos of RAOK is that Lush does something kind to you, then you go do something kind for someone else, and so on, until the world is filled with kindness.

The activities were split into 4 sections across the store. Firstly I headed over to the front entrance display to learn about 5 of the brand new bath bombs from the Mother’s Day and Easter range, Golden Egg, Stegosaurus Fun Egg, Rose Butterfly, Chamomile Flower and Incredible Mum. We leaned about the ingredients in each products, passed around the bath bombs, gave them a smell and one at a time dropped them into a bowl of water to see the colours that dissolve across the water.

Just a little information on each products:
Golden Egg is a glittering bath bomb melt, filled with olive oil lemon oil and cocoa butter. The glitter of course isn’t real plastic, which leaves your bath and body shimmering.
Stegosaurus Fun Egg, my personal favourite, is a fun, interactive bath bomb. The two shells come apart, essentially giving you 2 bath bombs that are packed with a number of oils including grapefruit and Almond oil. Inside the shell is a dinosaur, made with Fun, Lush’s bath product that you can play with in the bath, use it as a bubble bar, shampoo and body bar. The dinosaur’s eye is even full of popping candy!
Rose Butterfly is another favourite of mine from the new range, this gorgeous bath bomb fills the bath with pinks and blues as it fizzes away. The rose oil in this is really strong, but not too overpowering.
Chamomile Flower is a lovely looking bath bomb, perfect for the coming spring season. You can probably guess from the name that this bath bomb full of sweet chamomile, leaving a pleasant floral scent.
Incredible Mum lastly this bath bomb is a great way to show your mum that she is a superhero. This fun bath bomb is bright, colourful and full of zest. It even comes with it’s very own superhero cape!

Next I headed over to Bath to make my very own Sex Bomb bath bomb from the Valentine’s range. I learned some very interesting information about Sex Bomb that I didn’t know. It’s full of Jasmine which is an aphrodisiac, it’s great for easing stress and anxiety, but also can heighten your sexual drive and bring on labour if pregnant.
Making bath bombs is always harder than it looks, I never quite get mine right or filled enough – but it’s all just good fun, and the staff are there to help – bonus, we were able to take our creations home!

I briefly watched the Angles On Bare Skin facial cleanser be freshly made, all of the ingredients are mixed together in a bowl, rolled out like a swiss roll then cut into segments to be placed into the pots. This cleanser has a really fresh scent, it contains a number of calming ingredients such as lavender and chamomile, which will leave your skin glowing. I’d actually previously read online that this cleanser is good for combination skin, so I’m really excited to give it a go.

Lastly I sat down with an ex Lush Spa therapist who was there to give us a mini arm and hand massage, whilst going through the different spa treatments on offer. Now I LOVE the Lush Spa, this is my favourite place to get a massage, the therapists are miracle workers. I’ve had two spa treatments so far The Good Hour and Tailor Made, you can read my Tailor Made Treatment Review here: Lush Spa Tailor Made Review

There were a small selection of massage bars for me to chose from for my mini treatment, I chose the new Hunny Bear bar, which smelt divine! We had a great chat about what Lush Spa has to offer and she took me through her Lush journey, which was really interesting to hear.

It was time to wrap the event up, make our final purchases and announce the winners of the Instagram photo competition. Somehow I WON, I couldn’t believe it, a photo of the Goddess display was a winning shot, and I was kindly gifted a Goddess Bath Bomb to take home.

It was time to say our goodbyes, of course I couldn’t’ leave without treating myself to something. I am now the proud owner of the Stegosaurus Fun Egg which I cannot wait to try.

As always a massive thank you for Lush Bournemouth for having us and the fabulous staff for putting on such a brilliant event, and a big thanks to Emma from the Bournemouth Bloggers organizing.

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AD GIFTED: I was invited to Lush Bournemouth with the Bournemouth Bloggers to this event and received a couple of free gifts, I also won and bought myself products with my own money.


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