How To Master Anxiety Book Review

This year one of my new year’s resolutions is to read more books. Giving myself time to relax, learn, unwind and get lost in the pages of a book, whether that fiction or factual.

So I’m pleased to say I’ve recently finished a fantastic, life changing book How To Master Anxiety by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell, a Human Givens approach. I’m all for self-help, I think there’s always room to grow, improve and educate ourselves. This book is accessible, eye opening and an easy read.

Personally anxiety isn’t something I have to deal with on a daily basis, I used to be quite an anxious person, when I was struggling with my mental health for many years. I do however have many people in my life, including my fiancée, who suffer quite severely with anxiety and GAD on a regular basis.

How To Master Anxiety is extremely insightful, it provides an in depth understanding to what anxiety is, why and how it happens, how to recognize it and how to master it. As someone who is around anxious people most days, this book has given me a deeper understanding of what my loved ones go through every day.

This book focuses on the innate, vital emotional needs we are all born with – and if these needs are met well and in balance, will help prevent mental health (the human givens approach) such as stress, anxiety, depression and so on. It makes you look at yourself differently to ensure you help fulfil your needs in order to reduce anxiety. It also has some fantastic techniques and relaxation exercises that can be used at any time to help you master your anxiety. A few of which both myself and my partner have already tried and we actually felt a difference.

The Human Givens Institute

Human Givens has a really unique way of looking at anxiety. It breaks it down, in a brutal yet real way, it helps you to understand how the brain, mind and body reacts to fear and provides strategy’s for managing panic and not being scared of anxiety, whilst giving you a sense hope that anxiety can be overcome.

If you are personally not affected by anxiety but know someone who is, you will be able to gain the understanding to support that them. I personally try to educate myself as much as I can, so I’m not ignorant or naive to how my fiancée, friends or family might be feeling and hopefully be able to show the support that is need. I learned new information from this book that I wasn’t aware of, which has really opened my eyes to what suffering with anxiety is really like, but most importantly it is possible to change how you feel.

This book would be really helpful for anyone suffering from stress, anxiety and/or panic attacks. My fiancee has already been referring back to it and putting some of the ideas into practice when facing anxious situations. I cannot recommend this book enough, I will be passing it on to a relative next, as I believe this book will genuinely help him.

If you would like to purchase your own copy of How To Master Anxiety, or find out more about Human Givens, their ideas and other helpful tools and resources they have, head on over to their website:


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