Lush Bournemouth Event 2018


Last week I attended my favourite blogging event yet, for a brand that I adore… an after hours night at Lush Bournemouth. I like to think of myself as a bit of a Lushie, I’ve been using lush products for many years now, from their infamous bath bombs and bubble bars to facial cleansers and naked body lotions.

The evening started in the best way, with a ‘pot’ of prosecco – poured out into the large size black pots, normally used for Lush’s lotions and creams. I was chuffed to find out we could keep the pot, once you’ve collected up 5 empty pots, take them into any Lush store and trade them in for a free face mask. This took my pot collection up to 4!


As soon as we’d all made our way into the store, we headed to Bath and watched one of the lovely staff members create a mocktail with the limited edition Shoot For The Stars bath bomb, she asked for some volunteers who had to race to find as many of the stars as they could inside the mocktail bowl.

We we’re asked to split into pairs, told to grab a massage bar and give each other a hand and arm massage, whilst getting to know each other better. I paired up with the wonderful Tay-Marie, she let me pick the massage bar, so I went for my favourite of course, Each Peach, I just love the smell of the lime and cocoa butter.


The staff put on two great interactive activities for us, to make a bath bomb and a facial cleanser, from the exclusive Christmas range. After getting photos of the store, sipping at my drink and mingling with some of the bloggers, I headed over the make a Shoot For The Stars bath bomb, which I was so excited for, I’ve always wanted to make a bath bomb so that’s something to tick off the bucket list and I love this particular bath bomb, the colour is so bright and vibrant, with the sparkly golden stars and a gorgeous cocoa butter and citrus smell.

Making the bath bomb was actually harder than I thought it would be, the staff made it look so easy, I was scooping up the bath bomb powder, trying to get it into the ball shape. I did end up having a member of staff assist me, to make sure my bath bomb was properly compacted – and bonus, we we’re able to take our creations home with us!


It was then time to make the Buche De Noel facial cleanser. I’m a big fan of Lush’s facial cleansers but I’m loyal to my favourite Let The Good Times Roll, I was yet to try out Buche De Noel, a Christmas exclusive product.
The cleanser’s fresh ingredients we’re separated into bowls, almonds in one with cranberries, mandarin etc in another bowl, they were mixed together and made a bread dough like texture. It was then shaped and rolled into a Yule log, which was cut into sections, like a cake and put into the Lush pots for us all to take home. I’m really excited to try out this product!


There was so much going on throughout the store, such as jelly bomb and make up demo’s. I was in my element checking out their Halloween section, along with the huge range of Christmas products, from their Santa Bomb Bomb bath bombs and Rudolph jelly masks to Candy Cane bubble bars and Bucks Fizz body conditioners, as well as their Christmas gift boxes which come in a vast range of shapes, sizes and prices. (And I want them all!)


One of my favourite things about Lush is the staff, I don’t think I’ve ever been into a Lush store and seen a member of staff looking miserable, they are always happy, bubbly and full of life, willing to help you with whatever they can.

I was browsing the products over at Hair, taking some photos, when a lovely member of staff came over, she was really chatty asking if I’d tried any of the hair products. I told her I’ve only used the Seanik shampoo bar, many years ago. Whenever I go into Lush, I focus on what I know and like, which is Bath, Face and Body… I’m guilty of over looking Hair and Make Up.


She asked about my hair care routine, what my hair was like and she gave me a mini hair consultation. Based on the information I gave her, mainly that my hair gets greasy easily,  she gave me  recommendations that would work best for me, the I Love Juicy shampoo and Veganese conditioner. Apparently lemon is great for greasy hair, who knew! I was very kindly given a sample of each to go home and try, so far I’ve used the I Love Juicy shampoo sample, which made my hair feel and smell amazing and I’m defiantly going back for more.


A lucky dip bag went around the store, to get a prize you had to give one fact about Lush. I was asked where Lush was founded, which was just down the road in Poole. The original shop is still there on the high street, which is home to the amazing Lush Spa.
I picked myself out a prize which was another facial cleanser.

The staff gathered us back in Bath before the event ended, for the last treat we we’re asked to get back into our original pairs and pick out a product from Bath for each other, based on what we’d learned about each other. Tay, knowing I’m a Christmas nut, picked for me the Puddy Holly bubbleroon – which smells incredible, this is actually one I was looking to purchase over the Christmas period so I was really chuffed.


It was time to make our final purchases, I picked myself up the limited edition Candy Mountain Yule Log – which is heavenly. With a bag full of goodies, a smile on my face and glitter covered hands it was time to leave.


A massive thank you for Lush Bournemouth for having us and the fabulous staff for putting on such a brilliant event, and a big thanks to Emma from the Bournemouth Bloggers organizing, as always.

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