Body Shop Bournemouth VIP Event

When I received an email inviting me to an after hours VIP event at the Body Shop with the Bournemouth Bloggers, I squealed with excitement.


I’m not a girlie girl, my make up routine is defiantly below average and I’m not up into spending a fortune on foundation. However, I really try to put time, effort and money into my skin care routine. I’ve suffered with spots, blemishes and oily skin since I was about 13, I used to be very self conscious of how bad my skin was, until my Mum gave me a bottle of Body Shop tea tree facial cleanser and told me to use it on a regular basis and that was it I was hooked to Body Shop tea tree products, face wash, face wipes, toner etc. and I’ve been shopping at the Body Shop ever since.We were welcomed into the store with a glass of prosecco, greeted by the lovely staff members and the store manager gave us a brief run through of what they had in store for us, such as mini makeovers, skin and body consultations and product testing but we were able to walk around the store as we pleased.

I browsed the vast range of products, body wash and hand creams, perfumes and face scrubs, sipping my drink and mingling with the other bloggers. My favourite thing about the body shop is the smells, going around the store sniffing every tester pot in sight, especially the infamous body butters… I fell in love with the new body yogurts, similar to the body butters but it’s lighter and thinner with so many great scents.



The body shop currently has a small ‘fall/autumn’ range out, consisting of a body butter, shower wash and hand cream, and let me tell you this range is to die for! The design of the products is right up my street, anything with a skull on it and I’m sold, it’s has a gorgeous day of the dead theming with autumnal colours and the smell is divine, Vanilla Pumpkin… they need to bottle that smell up and put it in perfume bottles and candles.


A member of staff asked if I’d like to try some of the spa products, I wet my hands in a bowl and she applied the African Ximenia scrub and massaged it into my hands, it was really exfoliating and as always smelt incredible. We washed the scrub off and applied some Hawaiian Kukui cream, my hands felt silky smooth for the remainder of the night. I then received my mini makeover, this was my first experience trying the body shop make up and I was pleasantly surprised.


One of my favourite things from the Body Shop is their gift sets, especially for Christmas. There were hints of Christmas products making it’s way into the shop, such as their advent calendars. I thought, why not look around for some early gift ideas that I can start buy for my friends and family. The Body Shop are passionate about animal testing, all of their products are cruelty free and many are vegan, I remembered I have a family member who is vegan due to allergies and it can often be a struggle to find products and gifts she can use. I thought this is a great opportunity to find something for her, I spoke with the store manager who was really happy to help, she grabbed a list of all the products in the store and listed one by one which products are vegan, she had so much knowledge on what is in each product and I’m pleased to say I did find a great gift for her.




We all made our purchases, I picked up one of the Vanilla Pumpkin hand creams, and the verdict… it leaves my hand feeling smooth, soft and smelling delicious for hours. I honestly wish they sold this range all year, I’ve let my partner know I want the WHOLE range, if she wants to get in some early Christmas presents.




I was very kindly gifted a goodie bag, which was filled with treats such as a make up bag, a vitamin E facial cleanser and a bundle of samples for me to test. It was a really wonderful night, I often say to my friends and family I’d only want to blog about brands and products I genuinely love, so for me it was a pleasure to get the chance to attend such a great event at a brand I’ve used for years.



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