Welcome To Wedding Wednesday

Welcome to my first Wedding Wednesday blog.

Now this isn’t something I’m going to post about every Wednesday, as there are still about 78 Wednesdays until I get married (not that I’m counting) but every so often I’m going to post about our wedding planning progress, which I’m sure will increase the closer we get to the big day.

September marks 18 months until the big day – this is when the serious planning will begin and I’m getting pretty damn excited. Now not to be stereotypical but there are two brides, so the planning is well in hand. At the 18 month mark we so far have booked and deposits paid, for the:

Venue & Catering
DJ & Photobooth

As well as day and evening invitations bought, half of our favours, some table decorations and place cards.

Like I said, well in hand.So what’s next?

Our wedding venue has an open day next month, which we’re taking our bridesmaids along to for a girlie/bridesmaids day out. We are in the middle of hand making our favours, which look amazing! I found the perfect accommodation which I’m hoping we can get booked and secured soon.

Some people think we’re being too prepared, but is that really possible? We are trying to spread out our costs and deposit payments as much as we can because weddings are NOT cheap!As this is my first Wedding Wednesday I thought I’d share a 8 quick facts about my fiancée & I:

  1. My Fiancée name is Steph.
  2. When we met Steph was 19 and I was 20.
  3. We met online, through Plenty Of Fish
  4. We’re celebrating our 5 year anniversary next month.
  5. We’re getting married in Poole, March 2020.
  6. We’ll both be 26 when we get married.
  7. Steph proposed on the 24th April 2016 at our resort in Disney World.
  8. We’re going back to Disney World for our Honeymoon.

That’s all for now – until the next wedding Wednesday!


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