Cocktail Masterclass at Cosy Club

I was recently invited to the Cosy Club in Bournemouth for a Cocktail Masterclass with my fellow Bournemouth Bloggers. I’ve been to the Cosy Club once before for breakfast a while ago, so it was great to return and get a good look around.

The Cosy Club building is a quirky place, in a great location in the center of Bournemouth. It’s filled with grand photo frames and chandeliers, gorgeous bold wallpaper and furniture.
Our event was taking place on the top floor, The Deck – a great space for private events, whether that’s a meeting, birthday party, anniversary bash etc. With a private bar and stunning outdoor seating area, it makes for the perfect space for any occasion.We were all welcomed in with a glass of English Rose, a delicious gin based drink and got the chance to have a look around and chat to some of the staff members, to find out more about the Cosy Club’s history, food, drinks and event packages they have to offer.In pairs, we took it in turns to go behind the bar for our cocktail masterclass and learn how to make a good cocktail. We were given the choice of two cocktails to make, a Rhubarb and Ginger Bramble or Cherry Bakewell. As someone who gets nervous in front of a crowd I went last and carefully watched what everyone else was doing, so I didn’t make a total fool out of myself. Each pair that went behind the bar seemed to be having a great time making their cocktails of choice, laughing along with the barman. It was nice to be made to feel so at ease by the Cosy Club team.My turn finally came, I buddied up with the lovely Jaye Rockett and we decided to make the Cherry Bakewell cocktail, a mix of rum, disaronno, caramel syrup and cherry juice. We measured out the spirits, trying not to spill it everywhere and gave the mix a good shake. The perfect boomerang opportunity!
Topping it off with a fresh cherry and we were done! Now I’m pretty fussy when it comes to drinks, especially spirits and quite often find cocktails too strong to drink but this was delicious, one of the nicest drinks I’ve ever tried, that goes down far too easily.As I gathered with some of the other bloggers, sipping away at our cocktail creations, the barman came round offering us all another cocktail The English Garden a¬†delightful mix of gin, apple juice and elderflower. I’m not a huge gin lover but I’m a big fan of elderflower and the two complimented each other perfectly!

Just as our heads were starting to feel a little fuzzy from all the drinks an amazing tapas spread was brought out, of mini burgers, fish and chips, mac n cheese bites and more – just what was needed!I cannot wait to return to the Cosy Club, I would love to try and explore more of their food menu and have another Cherry Bakewell cocktail. I’ve been racking my brain for an excuse to hire out The Deck for an event of some sort.

A huge thanks to the Cosy Club for having me and the Bournemouth Bloggers, it was a fantastic evening and if you haven’t been to the Cosy Club yet, give it a go – you won’t be disappointed!

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