Breakfast at the Real Eating Company

I recently had the pleasure of attending a breakfast morning at the Real Eating Company, with the Bournemouth Bloggers. In all honesty it’s not somewhere I’ve ventured before, I have walked past many times when I’m rushing around the city center. I always think to myself, I’m going to make time to go in, so it was great to finally get that chance.

And I’ll tell you what, I’m so pleased I did. This place is a little gem!

The smell of pastries, coffee and cooked breakfasts welcome you in, as well as the delightfully friendly staff. The cafe is aesthetically stunning, I love the way this place has been designed, it’s very current with the ‘hipster/boho’ look, everything it brick, wood and copper.IMG_4391IMG_4383We sat at our table, which was laid out with pastries, fruit juices and flowers. I tucked into a croissant, with the homemade jam and sipped on some orange juice, which the Real Eating Company freshly squeeze every morning.IMG_4395IMG_4379IMG_4400It was great to meet with the owner of the company, she showed a real interest into each of us and our blogs. I had the chance to have a good long chat with her and find out more about the company, how it started and how over time it has grown into the fantastic business it is. It was wonderful to see the passion and enthusiasm from someone who clearly love what she does.

We put our drinks orders in, there is a great range of coffee’s for all you coffee lovers out there. I on the other hand am not a coffee drinker (don’t judge) I did have a lovely pot of tea, just what was needed in the morning. I’m a pretty fussy person when it comes to food and drink, but there was a great selection of food on the menu, All Day Breakfast, Avocado Eggs Benedict, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Toasties, a great selection of cakes and sweet treats and much more. The staff made a point of asking about vegetarians and food intolerance’s.IMG_4380IMG_4384IMG_4389I had the half English breakfast, the sausages and bacon were cooked to perfection. As I said, I’m a fussy person, I don’t like eggs and often find when I ask to have things taken off my order people roll their eyes and give unpleasant looks, so it was so refreshing to have the waitress say it’s not a problem and even ask if I wanted something else to replace the eggs. The food was delicious and service was faultless.IMG_4404IMG_4397With a full belly and a smile on my face we said our goodbyes and it was time to leave. Being totally honest, I haven’t stopped thinking about how great this place was, on rare occasions I’ll visit somewhere which leaves a great lasting impression and the Real Eating Company defiantly did that, I’ve already mentally planned taking my partner and Mum along.

A big thanks again to The Real Eating Company for having and the Bournemouth Bloggers, it really was a fantastic morning and I look forward to returning soon.



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