Lush Party: Fun & Games

As a belated birthday present my best friends surprised me with a Lush Party.
Didn’t know lush do parties? Many people don’t.

There are 3 party packages to choose from, Happy Hour, Beauty School and Fun & Games. The parties range from an hour to an hour & a half and all include a gift card to spend in store. I was very luckily treated to Fun and Games in the Bournemouth store.

I’m a big Lushie! I’ve loved and used lush products for the past 10 years or so, I’d always dreamed of attending a lush party so I was just a little bit excited… okay a lot!
We met with the lovely lush employee Hannah who was going to be looking after us for the duration of the party, she was interested to know how well we knew the lush products and if we had favourites, mine being the experimenter bath bomb, the gay in me just loves the look of the bath turning into a rainbow, with that gorgeous vanilla smell.


We headed over to the bath section of the store where we had a look at a handful of bath bombs, bubble bars and bath oils, using the bowls in the store we explored the textures and smells. We were then split into teams of two and were asked to create a Bath Cocktail which best described the birthday girl, Me!

The other team created a thoughtful yet strange cocktail, which consisted of the ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles’ bubble bar wand, which is a fantastic new product, it looks like an alien antenna which you can actually use to blow bubbles. They then added the ‘Dreamtime’ bath oil with the classic ‘Intergalactic’ bath bomb. Individually these products are great, it did however create a strange smell mixed together of mint, fruit and ginger.


Our cocktail was the winner, of course! We mixed my favourite, the ‘Experimenter’ bath bomb with the ‘Melting Marshmallow Moment’ bath oil and added in the ‘Creamy Candy’ bubble bar to make a colourful, super sweet candyfloss/rainbow bath cocktail.

We were then given about 10 minutes to explore the store and find which products we’d like to purchase and take home with us, using our £5 gift cards. Surprise surprise I picked myself up an experimenter bath bomb, the creamy candy bubble bar and a bottle of tea tree toner water.




Next we sat down by the face and body products, Hannah asked us what type of skin each of us have, whether that be oily, dry or sensitive so we can try some face masks. At first I did wonder if she was going to put it on our faces, if so putting make up on in the morning was a bad idea. But luckily she did the testers on the tops of our hands. We were each given two face masks what would be most beneficial for our skin, I was given ‘Don’t Look At Me’ which was smooth, citrusy and ‘Brazened Honey’ which was a thick and full of ginger. They both smelt incredible, with very different textures. After all smelling each others hands (which may have looked a bit odd) Hannah asked us each to pick our favourite, then gave us all a sample pot of our choices – which was a lovely surprise.



Now it was time for a massage, unfortunately not quite a full body like in the Lush Spa, Hannah took my arm and used the hand and body lotion ‘Charity Pot’ to massage my forearm and hand. I love massages, so I was in my element and super relaxed. We then split back into our previous teams and took turns massaging each others arms, trying to copy the technique Hannah used on me, slightly less relaxing but great fun (my team mate tried her best). Charity Pot is a product I’ve used for a long while now, it’s a great moisturizer, leaving your skin silky smooth, that Shea butter smell stays on your skin for hours.


After many laughs, feeling and smelling amazing, we made our final purchases and it was time to leave. I can’t thank my friends enough for treating me to such an amazing morning and a huge thanks to the wonderful Hannah, she so friendly and easy to have a laugh with, she made the whole experience even more enjoyable.

I cannot recommend these parties enough, you don’t have to be a serious Lushie to enjoy it. It’s a chance to be pampered, have a laugh with friends/family and come away with some great products. If I ever got the chance to attend another Lush Party, I would jump at the opportunity!

A big thanks to Lush Bournemouth.




  1. Dommie
    August 17, 2018 / 3:35 pm

    😘 glad you enjoyed sweet pea xxxxxx

  2. Justine
    August 18, 2018 / 9:58 am

    Sounds lush 🤣 xx

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