GIRLI: Day Month Second

London’s unapologetic, pink loving feminist Girli has released her latest single Day Month Second. It’s without a doubt her best track yet! With its catchy chorus and a funky dance beat, this strong, female empowering song will have you dancing to in your bedroom in no time.

At the start of the song we’re thrown straight into the techno beat, it has a slight RuPaul feel to it, a song that would get you moving in the club with your friends. Her incredible vocals comes in, Girli’s trademark is her clever, yet brutally honest lyrics which will get stuck in your head for days. For a moment in the song we get to experience her candid spoken-word, a very Crystal Castle’s esk take on the song, providing us with that level of passion shown in the lyrics, and shown more so in the video itself. However keeping it’s electro-pop class, with futuristic beats throughout which will keep you dancing.

Day Month Second is the break-up anthem that every girl can relate to, a cheating ex which sees her trying to heal the pain of being betrayed, surrounding herself with her girlfriends. “God knows you hurt me, God knows you hurt me, but it helped me realise
that you’re like every other guy”.

GIRLI - Press Shot 2 - Low Res

The video has been released for this track, which sees Girli strolling through London, continuing right from where for video for Play It Cool left off. Her gang of girls join her, before they break out into a mesmerising dance routine.

No one else is doing what Girli does, and that’s why she’s so important to pop music right now. Girli is one to watch, it’s clear she is here to make her mark and I look forward to seeing and hearing what else Girli is going to do.

Check out the video to Day Month Second here: Girli Youtube



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