VI – A New Era For You Me At Six


Last week saw You Me At Six drop not one but 2 new songs ahead of the release of their 6th album ‘VI’ due for release on the 5th October.

I’ve been a fan of the band for many, many years now. I first stumbled across the song ‘Save It For The Bedroom’ on MySpace back in 2007 ahead of the band’s first album Take Off Your Colours in 2008. For over a decade I’ve followed this band, grown up with this band and in turn seen them grow, as well as their music.

I first saw the band live on their Take Of Your Colours UK tour in October 2008 at the Southampton Uni. I’ve been lucky enough to see You Me At Six many times over the years, travelling up to the midlands, down to Cornwall and in everything in between to see their shows.

Now I know I may be biased to say I’ve loved all of their albums, equally I will hold my hands up and say there have certainly been albums/songs that have been outstanding and some not so much. Take Of Your Colours was a great first album, full of catchy chorus’ in ‘the truth is a terrible thing’ and ‘if I were in your shoes’ as well as some phenomenal song writing ‘Tigers and Sharks’ and ‘Always Attract’.

Since that 2008 album the band have released a further 4 albums; Hold Me Down, Sinners Never Sleep, Cavalier Youth and Night People.
All of these albums have given a little something different, each have tracks that have been a hit and made day time BBC radio plays and hit a new audience.

I love each and every one of these albums, however Sinners will always be my number one. That album is one of my all-time favourites, from start to finish it’s flawless, with some stand out tracks like ‘Loverboy’, ‘Reckless’ and ‘Bite My Tongue’.

Cavalier Youth saw the lads their first number one album in 2014, with some of their most famous/well known songs such as ‘Fresh Start Fever’ and ‘Lived A Lie’.

Unfortunately Night People seemed to be lacking something and missed the bench mark that the previous albums had set. There are few really great songs on that album, Take On The World is a personal favourite of mine. The guys have said ‘they lost their way’ with that album and after following the band for many years I knew what they were capable of, but it seems management were pushing them further and further away from the band the fans knew and loved.

Thankfully they announced VI. I tuned into Annie Mac to hear the new track 3am, within the first 10 seconds of the song I was totally digging it. The catchy guitar riffs and synth sounds reel you in, it has a 1975/blossoms feel about it. 3am has a really current feel to it, the guys have taken their sound from 2008 and made it into what 2018 sounds like, it’s genius. Personally I feel this song has everything right and the potential for their first number one single.

Fast Forward was a surprise release that same night, which has a much heavier vibe, with a raw bassline and less pop more rock sound, which hasn’t been explored in years. It’s got that moshing punch that songs like ‘Bite My Tongue’ and ‘Time Is Money’ has, which the fans are going to go wild for at the shows.

These two songs really complement each other brilliantly, whilst showcasing what these guys can do. With the brilliantly titled VI and the two track release you can really see this album is for the fans. If the rest of VI is going to continue like this, then this could be the best album to date and give Sinners Never Sleep a run for its money.

You can really feel there is a buzz around the band again, they have been making mainstream media news and can be seen plastered all over Twitter. To top of the ‘VI’ excitement the guys have announced a 5 date tour across the UK, this is a going to be a gig not to be missed.


General sale tickets go on sale this Friday morning, keep your eyes peeled for them, I’m sure this will be a sell-out tour. I’ve pre-ordered the album and got myself two tickets for the Cardiff show, let me know if you’re going to be there.

Be sure to pre-order the album, you won’t be disappointed: You Me At Six Website


2018 is the year for this fantastic band #VI



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