Car Boot Sale HAUL

This is my first EVER haul. Madness I know, I’m not one for big shopping trips as I’m forever trying to save every penny I can…

However, I recently went along to a car boot sale and picked up some great items.

I’m a massive lover of a car boot sale, I’ve been doing them since I was about 16. When I was a kid me and my cousin used to paint rocks and try sell them to people down the street. I’ve always been someone who will sell what they can to make a penny or two, as cheap as that might make me sound I actually love decluttering and making space for new things.

This was the first car boot sale which I attended as a buyer, my fiancée and I are looking for some bargain items that we can upcycle for our wedding – that’s what we originally went to the car boot for, what we came out with was much more.


This huge frame was my cheapest purchase of the day, I plan to use it for our table plan at the wedding breakfast. The border may need a lick of paint, then I plan to insert card inside the frame with a lovely decorated table plan written on it.
This item was 50p


One of the things I love most about a car boot sale is that sometimes you can come across a gem! Often the seller may not have a clue about the value of an item or popularity and get yourself a real bargain. This was one of my fiancée’s purchases, she haggled slightly and got this penny board for only £4!


The main reason we went to the car boot sale was to try find something for our cards on the day of the wedding. We’d thought about hiring a VR Post Box, but with prices starting at £35 it just seemed unnecessary! We found this picnic basket, which is the perfect depth to fit plenty of cards inside. We need to reline the inside of the basket with material more to our wedding colours, then attach some CARDS bunting, which you can pick up from amazon for £1.99.
This item cost us £1.50, once it’s complete I feel confident we can do it all for under £10.



Just like with the penny board, we hit the jackpot. My fiancée and I are trying to (cheaply) add some decorative touches to our flat, as big fans of all things photo and video, when we saw these we fell in love.
This camera from the 1950’s cost us only £6 (after some haggling) and these camera lenses cost £2 each!


For the most practical purchase of the day I picked up these deep tea light candles. These will be scattered across the wedding breakfast tables. I had be looking around the local supermarkets for deep tea lights so they can last a good few hours.
This bundle in the box cost me £1, again after a little haggling.


My final purchase of the day (and one of my favourite items) from my good friend the lady that sold me the candles, she was selling this gorgeous carpet bag. This photo does not do justice for how massive this bag is, I’ve been searching far and wide for a bag large enough for the festival season. I’ve been using the same festival bag for 6 years, which I got from Primark. That bag lasted me so well, but over time has got some holes inside and a wheel has broken, because of the size of bag I needed I couldn’t justify pay £20+ for something I’m only going to use once a year.
This gorgeous carpet bag cos me £1! I feel like Mary Poppins when I carry it.


On our way home from the car boot sale, we stopped into Poundland and picked up these gold 4″ x 6″ frames, which are perfect for our wedding breakfast tables.
To top of a day of bargains, these lovely frames came in a pack of 2, meaning it was only 50p per frame. I grabbed enough for 10 tables and only spend a fiver!

We spent £18 at the car boot sale, which is mad when you think 1 pair of jeans from the shop is more than that. With an addition of the frames we spent a grand total of £23, which is fantastic, the cheapest card box we found to hire for the wedding was £35 alone.

On my mission for saving money and picking up some great bargain deals for the wedding I think many more car boot trips are in store.

Thanks for stopping by, there will be many money saving and wedding hack posts coming over the next few months.



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  1. Justine
    June 14, 2018 / 11:04 am

    Great bargains, and nice camera btw 😁 xx

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