A Holiday On A Budget

On the first week of May, Me and my fiancée Steph ventured to sunny Weymouth for a holiday. Being as though we live in Bournemouth, it’s not exactly going far but we got an offer too good to miss.

We are trying to save every penny we can for our wedding, most of our money goes on our bills and with saving alongside that we rarely have much ‘leisurely’ money left.

But when I received a last minute email from the sun 950 holidays with some really great offers, whilst in the middle of having a really crappy week it seemed to be just what was needed. I’ve booked a sun holiday before back in 2015 and often went to holiday parks as a kid. So when the sun holidays gave me all the token codes and we found out we could make some further savings by going out of season, it was a no brainer, so I booked us in.

As we were going ‘off peak’ we got our entertainment passes free, we got a free upgrade and planned to take our own bedding along which meant I could take the linen charge off the bill, saving money wherever possible. It cost us £42 each for a 5 day break, not bad when I’ve previously paid over £100 for a 1 night stay in a mouldy Travelodge!
The entertainment passes are normally at least £5 and the linen charge is £7.50 per person, meaning I managed to save £25 before we’d even got to the park.

After doing some calculations I worked out we’d be making a saving of around £40-£50 between us for not driving to work every day. The holiday parks are self-catering and we’d need to do a weekly food shop either way, we packed up as much as we could from home, anything dry we didn’t already have I bought from Aldi (the mothership) then for cold foods and meats I found the nearest (cheap) supermarket and stocked up on the way to the park.

On arrival of the holiday park, Haven’s Seaview, I was pleasantly surprised to be upgraded once again to a Prestige caravan, we had such a fantastic location right on the edge of the park with a gorgeous view out onto some fields where you could see horses and deer in the distance. Seaview is one of the smallest haven parks, the entertainment complex is quite small – there is a park, an indoor and outdoor pool and a play park, and that’s pretty much it. We wanted to stay somewhere small which wasn’t going to be super busy, so it was perfect for us. However, Seaview have a sister park, Weymouth Bay, within a 5-10 minute walk, your entertainment passes get you access into both parks, so you essentially get two parks for the price of one, bonus!
Weymouth Bay is a much bigger park, it is very spread out and full of activities. We spent most of our evenings in their entertainment lounge, watching all the cheesy dances! One of the evening there was a quiz night, which was free to do, of course we didn’t win but it was great to take part and not pay anything for doing so.

I bought along our little penny change jar for the arcades, got totally hooked to the Sponge-bob Squarepants machine and the 2p machines, we also played mini golf at only £1 for 2 games and snuggled up in our caravan in the den that we built in the lounge, watching movies and playing cards games, it was bliss!

The local beach, Bowleaze Cove, is only a 15 minute walk from the parks. We spent many hours strolling along the coast, taking endless photos and talking the world away. I even had the will power to not buy an ice-cream, which is a first.

It was so nice to go on holiday, especially knowing it didn’t break the bank. It’s so important to me that we treat ourselves on the odd occasion, Steph and I have spent the majority of our relationship saving but it’s essential to have these little moments, step away from our daily routine of work, let our hair down and make some amazing memories – whether that’s a 5* holiday abroad, or a little holiday park down the road.


Thanks for stopping by, love always.



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  1. Justine Owen
    May 13, 2018 / 7:10 am

    Youre such a great saver, you should give lessons. Seaview is great, it’s nice to read about it. A great overview for anyone wanting to go x

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