Love, Simon: Exclusive review

Love Simon is the first film of its kind and it’s making history for all the right reasons.

I was kindly invited to an exclusive preview of the film, an opportunity I jumped at, I’ve been waiting for this film to come out for months. There is a huge stigma around LGBT films, I think we can all agree that generally they are pants, low budget and poor quality. The first film to really hit the big screens was Pride (one of my personal favourites) as much as Pride was the first gay film to have such a high budget, it focused on the true story of the 1980’s mining strike but it lacked that relatable and personal feeling, something Love Simon is bursting with.

Simon Spier is also the first gay lead character in a Hollywood movie, a groundbreaking move for the film industry.

I’ve seen stories all over Facebook of youths in the US that have had the courage to come out after seeing Love Simon. After every showing the film is getting a round of applause from the audience, gay people, straight people and everyone in between are applauding how brilliant this film is, it is encouraging people to open their eyes and open their hearts to get a glimpse into what coming out is like.

No not everyone has the same ‘coming out story’ some people get it easy, other’s aren’t as lucky but what this film does is show the emotions most all gay people go through. I wish I could congratulate Nick Robinson (Simon) on just how fantastic his portrayal of coming out was, I felt like I was reliving those terrifying and thrilling feelings I hadn’t felt in over 5 years, the lump in your throat fear of being found out, the need to lie to everyone around you, feeling like your chest is going to burst open when you hear your phone go off and you know it’s that special someone and having to pretend it’s just your mum – you feel like you’re leading a double life.

I won’t give any spoilers away, but I will say I left the cinema feeling extremely proud to be gay and for the next few hours I could not stop thinking about this film, I felt represented, it has resonated with me, I feel inspired and empowered. I wish I could drag all of my friends and family along to watch it again and again and show them when I was in self-destruct mode all those years ago, this is how it felt! If only there was a film like this when I was growing up, it’s going to help so many struggling kids and teenagers realize it’s okay to be different.

I adore Love Simon and I cannot recommend this film enough, if you have anybody in your life who is gay I think it is really important to watch this film and understand just a little bit more, it is the witty, romantic, teenage rom-com that all ages can fall in love with.

Love Simon is out in UK cinemas Friday 6th March.



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