LUSH SPA: Tailor Made Review

I recently booked myself in for a treatment at Lush Spa in Poole, after I was kindly gifted ‘Tailor Made’ for Christmas and finally decided it was time to have a pamper.
Having been to the lush spa only months before after receiving ‘The Good Hour’ for my birthday, I was thrilled to be returning so soon.

I’ve been having massages for years as I’ve suffered with tight shoulders and knots in my back for a long time, I have been to a number of therapists and the Lush Spa is hands down THE BEST massage I’ve ever had.

Yes the treatments might be more expensive than your average spa, but that’s because this spa exceeds average.

From the moment you arrive you are intoxicated by the gorgeous smell of the store, I was greeted by my therapist, offered a drink then she lead my through the back of the store to the spa. She took my coat and sat me down on the kitchen table to fill out some paperwork (luckily as I’d previously been they already had all my information).

One of my personal highlights of the spa is the 15 minute consultation you receive before your treatment, they talk you through what the treatment entails, ask if there are any specific areas on your body they should focus on then show you about 4 or 5 lush products which could be used in that particular treatment, what the indigents are in each product, what they do for the body and you can choose which product you would like to be used, this is something you just don’t get anywhere else. I chose the hottie massage bar, which was perfect for a deep tissue massage to target my knots, it was warming and stimulating for my muscles. I also added a bath bomb into a jug which would be brought into my treatment.

Once my consultation was finished we walked through to a the treatment room, it smelt gorgeous, it was so well decorated in true lush fashion, it was warm and calming. I got myself undressed and settled under the towel, the bed is so soft I could have laid there for hours. The therapist added the bath bomb to some hot water under the bed which created a steam effect throughout the floor of the room, the background music was added which I actually really enjoyed, instead of whales and dolphins, the usual spa sounds, it was pirates and waves, you close your eyes and imagine yourself on a pirate ship in the middle of the ocean.

The next 30 minutes was like a little bit of heaven, the pressure and technique used was prefect, I didn’t want it to end. Unfortunately it does come to an end, I was told very softly to take my time, slowly get up and meet the therapist in the lounge for some tea and shortbread, what a lovely way to end the treatment.

I cannot recommend Lush Spa enough, after both visits to the spa I’ve left feeling relaxed, floating on cloud 9 and wishing I could return the next day, it is pricey but it’s worth every penny and it definitely makes a great gift for a loved one or friend.

Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long until my next visit.




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