Short Film Runner Up: Light Up Poole

I am thrilled to say the short film that Steph & I created has been placed 3rd in the Light Up Poole poetry and film competition. Our short film will be played throughout the festival running today through to Saturday (15th – 17th Feb).

I am absolutely over the moon with this result, the closing date for the competition was the 26th January, we only found out about it at the beginning of January, so with only a few weeks I am so proud of what we were able to create, we have discussed over the past few months how we would like make some short films so this seemed like a fantastic opportunity to start.

With the topic of Identity in modern Britain, we focused on sexuality and gender and how it is becoming widely accepted across the UK to identify yourself ‘differently’, but ultimately whether your straight, gay, trans, male, female… we are all Human.
This is something that is very close to my heart and very personal to us as a couple, I really feel like we got our message across well, we have received so much love, support and words of encouragement from friends, family and the judging panel from the festival. Having our short film  shown throughout the festival, I hope, through this, we are able to open the eyes of members of the public and remind people to not judge, to not discriminate and to treat others equally.


I was concerned the quality of our video would not make the cut for the competition, as I said, this was our first short film, we don’t yet own a camera, everything was filmed off an iPhone, using a torch for lighting, we knew it was extremely amateur so I am so grateful the judges we’re able to look past this and focus on the message we tried to get across.

Our film will be shown against the Argos building in the center of Poole, I would love as many people as possible to come along, it is a free event and a great way to support local creators at this fantastic festival.

The festival is on 4-9pm Thursday 15th – Saturday 17th February.


You can see the short film on my Youtube page: HUMAN



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  1. Colin Gregory
    February 15, 2018 / 6:01 pm

    A good positive theme, well deserving of your winning place.
    What I found amazing was that it was filmed on a camera with a lens the size of a finger nail.

    Ever thought of putting the camera you are looking for on your Amazon wish list? You never know your luck.

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