Coming Out, Again

I’m am thrilled to say when my work breaks up on Friday for Christmas, I won’t be returning, I’ve bagged myself a brand new job which starts in the new year, I am so excited.

This is going to be much closer to home for me and should hopefully get my foot in the door as the start of a marketing career. The office is lovely, it’s very small with about 6 members of staff who all seem very friendly and welcoming.

Going into a new job is scary stuff and on top of that I’ve got to some how come out to them all. Now I am totally comfortable with my sexuality, I am proud to be a lesbian, however it’s not something that needs to go on my CV. Over the years I’ve had many comments saying I don’t ‘look’ gay, I’m not your stereotypical ‘femme’ nor am I ‘butch’ and it’s often presumed Steph is my Boyfriend.
I’ve been going over it in my head for weeks now, over thinking the whole situation, I always find it best to assess any situation before dropping the gay bomb, there may be religious employees, or just people that don’t approve and I’m not going to shy away or hide my sexuality but last thing I need is an uncomfortable working environment, I’ve been in that situation before and it’s no fun.

So after assessing my new colleagues over the first couple of days what everyone is like, I’ll work out how and when to casually drop it into convocation and take it from there, one of the girls is getting married so hopefully she’ll notice my ring but even then fiance is not obvious it’s referring to a woman.

The term coming out the closet does make me laugh, like it’s something you do just once. It should be called “coming out of the never ending closet”, whether it’s a new job or moving to a new town where you’re going to meet and get to know new people or simply getting your hair cut and buying your partner a gift, it’s never ending… so have you got a boyfriend, is this for your sister, are you two twins (WE LOOK NOTHING A LIKE ARGH) He this, Him that… I find it rude to say “it’s a she not a he” that level of sass is too much for me.

So we’ll see how it goes, I’ll report back once the DEED is done, wish me luck.



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  1. Colin Gregory
    December 19, 2017 / 4:38 pm

    Never thought of a closet with a revolving door. Wishing you all the luck, but hoping you won’t need it.

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