It’s been 2 weeks since Steph and I traveled to London to see one of our favourite bands, PVRIS. I have been a fan of Pvris for almost 3 years, I remember hearing St Patrick being played for the first time on BBC Radio 1, I was at work at the time so our office radio was really quiet, but I heard a song I hadn’t heard before and really loved the sound instantly. I waiting probably for over a week listening out for it to be played again so I can catch the name of the band. Finally I heard ‘PARIS’ and immediately googled them and wrote the name down on my phone so I’d remember by the time I got home.

I played St Patrick and White noise on repeat on Youtube everyday for weeks, they were everything I liked about a band, Rock, Synth, Deep Lyrics.

I knew I had to see them live and was gutted to find out their Bournemouth show in April 2015 but sold out with Lower Than Atlantis. So on a last minute whim Steph and I decided to go to Slam Dunk (2015) as You Me At Six we’re headlining (my favourite band) and so many other great bands were playing, including Pvris. The south show closest to us was sold out so we grabbed some tickets for the Midlands show (Wolverhampton) Steph wasn’t too sure what to expect as she hadn’t heard much of their music but I think within 1 song of their set she was hooked, Lynn’s vocals blew us away, we immediately went to the signing stage after their set to meet them and quivered with fear and awe, they we’re so young and all so lovely. I bought a copy of the White Noise album, between us both I think that album got played everyday until AWKOHAWNOH.

October that year we booked up again to see them, this time for their 2016 show in Brighton, we we’re also lucky enough to both get VIP tickets for the show which was limited to 50 people per show, we were able to meet them before the show, get a photo with them and some exclusive merchandise. This has to be my personal favourite show of theirs, the venue was packed, it was hot, sweaty, the venue was pretty dingy but the best venue are. The band absolutely killed it – hands down one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. We got to stick around for Brian doing a DJ set for the district night which was insane, we got stupidly drunk and made total fools out of ourselves, attempting a 2 person most pit to Limp Bizkit.

Then came the long, long wait for the 2nd album, but god it was worth the wait. As a little teaser for the new album the band put on 1 show in various European countries, the UK however ended up with 2 shows as we sold the first show out so fast (cos we are the best fans of course) this was the first seated show I’d ever been to as the standing tickets sold out in seconds, still it was amazing, we traveled to O2 Sheppard Bush and got to hear most of  the white noise album along with Heaven and I believe it was Half but I could be wrong.
All We Know Of Heaven All We Need Of Hell finally got released in August 2017 and WOW it is THE best album released in 2017. Let me know your favourite song, I personally love What’s Wrong, Anyone Else, Winter and No Mercy.

So for the 4th time we traveled to see them at the London O2 Brixton Academy, again a sold out show and tour. The venue was packed and this was the bands biggest show to date. The band played a variety of songs from each album, everybody going wild for their favourite song. Lynn impressed the crowd with the chilling sounds of the piano then to smacking the hell out of a drum kit, as a front person goes for a band she really knows how to put on a show, but equally Alex and Brian were on top form that night, this was the last night of a huge European tour and no one in the band held back, the bands energy throughout the songs and stage presence was flawless. The only fault I could pick with the show is that we couldn’t come back the next night a re-live it all over again.

This band mean so much to Steph and I, we’ve spend years of our relationship blasting their music through the car, TV, headphones etc. Whether we we’re going on holiday or just had a crappy day at work Pvris’ music has been there and will continue to for years to come. With an appearance at Slam Dunk 2018 just announced hopefully we can keep the yearly live shows going.





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