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I thought now would be a good time to share a little bit more about me, so we can get to know each other. I love reading other people’s version of this tag, finding out quirky what similarities we might have.

  1. I love anything bubblegum flavoured
  2. I didn’t go to university or ever planned to
  3. I have a younger brother. He’s my big little brother as he is a foot taller than me
  4. I’ve always loved tattoos, currently I have 8, with plans for at least 4 more
  5. However I’ve never really been into piercings, the only piercings I have are my ears, which are both stretched. Currently my right ear is 10mm & left is 12mm
  6. I’m engaged to a woman, her name is Steph. She is my world.
  7. We are getting married March 2020, we are unbelievably excited
  8. Me and Steph have currently been together for just over 4 years, we met online
  9. I grew up in Southampton, but moved to Bournemouth in June 2017
  10. I proudly own a flat with my fiancee, we worked really hard to save for the deposit
  11. My alcoholic tipple of choice is cider or vodka with lemonade & lime
  12. I LOVE Disney – it is a huge part of my life
  13. I also LOVE christmas, it is my favourite time of year and I annoy everyone with my festive cheer, which starts normally after my birthday
  14. Even if my birthday is 15th July 1993, I’m 24
  15. People say I’m a fussy eater, which is partly true! I hate egg, which seems to be in EVERYTHING! I don’t like strong smelling/tasting food, mayo, fish, cauliflower etc
  16. If there was no limit and I could be anything in the world, I’d be a christmas elf
  17. Steph proposed to me on the 24th April 2016, outside our hotel at Caribbean Beach in Disney world Florida
  18. We plan to go back to Disney world Florida for our honeymoon and stay in that same hotel. It really is the most magical place in the world
  19. I co run a YouTube channel with Steph called Beanquest. We’ve been doing YouTube since July 2016. We have a small amount of subscribers, but we don’t do it for the numbers we just love making the videos, filming our life, making memories and speaking you people all over the world
  20. Because of YouTube we’ve spoken with many fellow vloggers, one couple we got talking to a lot through instagram are Jade and Becca. We finally met up with them & they have actually become some of our best friends, which is amazing we love them to pieces and so glad social media have brought us together
  21. My other two best friends are Dom and Amy. I’ve been friends with for over 17 years, which is just mad!
  22. My first job was working at Paultons Park, 2 months after I started Peppa Pig world opened & I got stuck there for the next 2 years, the theme song still haunts me now
  23. I love being gay
  24. I had about a years coming out process, after questioning things for many years growing up at 17 I knew 100% I was gay and had my first real crush on a girl. I didn’t come out to my friends and family until I was 18.
  25. From the age of about 14 I had a reoccurring dream that I’d save up all my pocket money, run away for a holiday to America for a lesbian party (which thinking about it now is basically Dinah Shore) because that was the only way I thought I’d meet another lesbian
  26. I’ve been to 6 countries: France, Wales, Spain, USA, Tunisia & Fuerteventura
  27. My and Steph have a dream to spend 3/4 weeks in america, start in New York, then Chicago, LA, Disneyland California and finish at Disney World Florida
  28. I remember watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone in cinema
  29. I’m am a huge Harry Potter fan, I’m a Ravenclaw and own a Sirius Black wand
  30. I believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason
  31. A few years ago I got out of a spout of depression which I’d had on and off for about 5 years, I have previously had counselling which really helped me
  32. Mental health has been a big factor in my life, from the struggles I have had to the struggles Steph faces. She has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) she worries a lot because most relationships that deal with BPD don’t work out, I’m not going to lie sometimes it’s hard. But the difference with us is, I’ll never give up on her
  33. Lists are my things. Also organizing and planning events
  34. My favourite colours are black, grey and green
  35. Stubbornness is a flaw of mine
  36. Autumn is my favourite season, the changing of colours, wrapping up warm and cosy and of course the start of the christmas festivities
  37. My all time favourite films are Pride, Love Actually and Oliver & Company
  38. When I was in school I always changed my mind on what I wanted to do for my career; tattoo artist, wedding photographer, wedding planner
  39. My all time favourite brand is Vans
  40. I hate horror films, anything scary. I can’t even watch Shaun of the Dead!
  41. Fizzy drinks and ice cream are my weakness in life
  42. I’m an optimist, a realist and believe in self help. I always try to stay positive
  43. As a (small) Youtuber I love watching Youtubers, the people I watch most are: Shannon Beveridge, Rose & Rosie, Sarah & Rachel, Ellie Steadman & Brogantateox
  44. I was in a car accident (not my fault) in 2015, this was in my first car, it got written off and always miss that car, RIP Frank the Ford
  45. I love anything from LUSH!
  46. Music is my life. I don’t think I’ve ever gone a day without listening to music. Whether I’m happy, sad, angry etc I turn to music to reflect that mood. I have a very eclectic taste, from dance, pop, heavy mental and acoustic
  47. You Me At Six are my favourite band and have been for the last 10 years, I’ve seen them over 10 times, met them over half of those times. Max the bands guitarist drew me out a tattoo of their symbol VI which I have tattooed on my arm. I also LOVE Pvris, Lynn Gunn is a babe
  48. I go to a lesbian festival every year called L Fest, I’ve been going with Steph since 2015. It’s a fantastic festival and one of our highlights of the year.
  49. Don’t judge me on this. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Love Island, Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why. It’s just not my cup of tea
  50. Growing up I was always the ’emo’ kid, my parents used to be pretty goth/grunge and I grew up listening to Metallic, Slayer, Black Sabbath etc I was always a bit different from the rest of the kids in my family and the kids at school, but I quickly got used to it and I have never had a desire to fit in. At heart I’ll always be that little emo kid.

This has been fun! Comment below a fact about you, or if we have anything in common 🙂










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  1. Colin Gregory
    November 22, 2017 / 4:24 am

    In your tree of life, this is like wondering through your roots.

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